Aug 23 • 8M

Ep 7. Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast

Aliza's thoughts on the current Mercury Retrograde, Ptolemy's Essential Dignities, and what each zodiac sign should expect in the coming weeks.


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Aliza Kelly
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Happy Virgo Season and Mercury Retrograde! That’s not sarcastic; it’s literally going to be a happy retrograde. On this week’s episode of The Curiosity Pod, we unpack the upcoming of Mercury Retrograde (August 23 through September 14), and discuss why this one is extra special (and maybe even… auspicious). Listen to the episode and read the sign specific details below to get your personalized scoop on what to expect and how to prepare for the coming weeks.

Every Virgo season I must—for some strange reason—wear borderline eccentric hats. I’m not sure why, but I’m also not planning on stopping anytime soon.

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