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Welcome to The Practice

Spirituality is a practice. The more years I engage with the material—this mystical realm of cosmos and symbolism, poetry and purpose—the more I feel a deep sense of connection, reverence, and commitment to the sanctity of this work. We may dabble in curiosity, but this Substack—and my dedication to you through it—is a practice. Each week, we’ll explore all types of magic, including the celestial, metaphysical, and existential. Plus, we’ll blend the divine with the mundane, unpack complicated human experiences, and challenge what it means to live an extraordinarily mystical life as a mere mortal.

My hope is that The Practice will become part of your practice, too.

Who is Aliza Kelly?

I’m an astrologer, author, and host who’s been working in the mystical realm for over a decade. I’ve done a lot of really cool things (Fighting with Neil deGrasse Tyson! Hosting a television show with People Magazine! Developing “Astrology Club” on Spotify!). I’ve written four books, and have been featured in some incredible outlets. I currently write a column for The Cut, lead a virtual community called The Constellation Club, and work with Bumble as their resident astrologer.

But let’s go beyond the hyperlinks. My deep passion for the ~strange and unusual~ has always been the defining expression of my soul. Astrology, tarot, spell-work, fairies, ghosts—you name it, I’m about it. I’m a forever fan-girl of all things metaphysical, and I’m excited to share my learnings and discoveries with you here.

And then, of course, there’s the application. The embodiment. The flesh and blood, crying in the shower, screaming at the top of your lungs, belly laughing for hours, lived experience. I’m not sitting in an ivory tower publishing academic papers on ancient occultism. Everyday, I’m passionately trying to figure out how these magical concepts—my own innate witchery—illuminates daily life. I’m a wife. I’m an avid researcher. I’m the daughter of a Sagittarius single mother. I’m a business owner. I’m an unmedicated ADHD girly who splits her time between New York City (my hometown) and rural Woodstock. I have PCOS (it sucks), an incredible manifestation success rate (it rocks), and lots of tips, tricks, and recommendations for living a beautiful, mystical, and authentic life.

We are all perfectly imperfect—perhaps that’s why these fierce curiosities exist in the first place? Let’s explore them together, each week in The Practice.

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I’m really thrilled to be here! This space feels inspiring and intriguing—I can’t wait to get to know you all. If you’re curious, subscribe today and let me know what you’d like to see. Let’s do the damn thing!

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Astrology forecasts, tarot pulls, musings about the human experience, and explorations of magic and the mundane.


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